Monday, April 1, 2013

What I Wore Easter ~ Misson Failure

I had wanted to join the link-up this Easter hosted by Grace, but by long tradition we host the members of the Triduum choir and any other 'Easter Orphans'  for dinner, and between cleaning and cooking ~ picture taking did not happen as I had hoped.

Anyho: Happy Easter and Blessed Easter Season from Us:

And please (if you haven't) head to Grace's to enjoy all the Easter finery!


  1. You still look cute! Happy Easter to you all, and how nice of you to invite everyone over - so very Christ-like :)

  2. Even thought it's blurry, you still look great! And that's so nice that you open your home. We were Easter orphans yesterday and one of our friend's parents invited us over. It was so nice to be with a big family, even if it wasn't our own. :o)