Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Takes #131

  1. Liam is having quite the language explosion; in addition to finally saying his sister's names, recent words include: hose, brown, house, coat, grapes, bear, and water.  He is currently also really into role playing especially being a fire fighter, a super hero, and/or a construction worker.
  2. Two wonderful Motherhood links of support and encouragement this week; firstly from Colleen of Martin Family Moments,  and secondly from Lisa Jo Baker
  3. Lisbeth is having a blast and becoming more and more expert on the scooter she received for her birthday.  Reading however is proving a challenge as she is sometimes very stubborn about 'sounding' words out and will simply say she doesn't know the word.  We keep telling her that she isn't suppose to 'know' yet but currently frustrations on both our parts builds quickly.
  4. At 3 1/2 months, Caitlin is consistently holding her head up on 'tummy time' and looking like she will be rolling very soon.  The carseat is still an occasion for crying but less so.  She continues to be my spittiest baby, but as she doesn't seem uncomfortable and is gaining weight I'm hopeful this is something she will mature out of rather than something worse like reflux.
  5. Another great post this week from Dwija of House Unseen about not apologizing about how NFP works in our families
  6. After talking about it for a couple of years and getting estimates in a stop-and-go fashion we have finally selected a contractor and are moving forward on updating the upstairs bathroom.  I am equally anxious about noise, mess and how long we will be down a bathroom and excited about picking out new things and finally fixing up the room.
  7. Planted a garden with Lisbeth last weekend; last year the squirrels got everything but this year Dr Daddy has promised to help with pest control. Still have to get some tomato plants, hopefully this weekend.
Sorry blurry, was shooting fast before they noticed.

Have a good one ~ and please visit Conversion Diary for more of this week's Quick Takes.


  1. That sister photo just makes my ovaries ache - oh my sweetness! What were they watching? And thanks for the linky love :)

  2. Thanks for the momma links- I needed them this week. And that last photo? Ohhhh my gosh! SO SWEET. Your girls are beautiful!

  3. Your daughters are adorable!! Getting ready to plant here too . . . we have bunnies that invade our garden and are not even scared off by our dog . . . this year, we need to find a way to get rid of them for good!

  4. Sweet picture... I love getting pics of my kids loving on each other....

  5. Aww.... that last picture is too cute! Joe has had a language explosion, too. He's still not always putting sentences together, but when I start getting really concerned he just starts talking away!

  6. Such cute girls! I'm glad to hear that Liam's doing well with his speech.

  7. Hope the gardening goes well! I wish we could start one, but I think we'll have to wait until next year. There's just not enough time in a day!

  8. Way to go Liam!!!

    The Man planted our first garden last weekend - I'm so looking forward to fresh tomatoes and cucumbers :). (We started simple.)

  9. Good luck with the garden! Every year I convince myself I'm finally going to get it right, and every year I'm wrong. I guess that's why God just keeps the seasons repeat, so one year it will flourish.