Friday, February 21, 2014

And your name shall be; A link-up

Joining the fun and linking up over at Team Whitaker for the Baby Name link-up

I love hearing all the stories of how people chose names, those who come to birth day knowing what the name will be and those who have to 'meet the baby' first, and those who a day or two later are still trying to discern the right name.

In our case we always had strong first place names (we've never found the sex before the birth) with a couple back-up options if the top pick does not ring true when we try it out face to face.  Our pattern is to pick first names based on what we like and use family names in the middle.

Elisabeth Anne-Marie: I have loved the name Beth forever (since my teens) and later loved the versatility of Elizabeth once it was demonstrated to me in Anne of Windy Poplar.  The spelling comes from being half-Belgian and seeing it often when visiting.  Charlie was fine with the name and the slightly different spelling.  Marie is one of my middle names and a family name on my side; Anne is a family name on Charlie's and bonus my sister's (Lisbeth's godmother) middle name. Catholic currency: plenty of saint options!!

Come to find out after she was born that Charlie didn't like the nickname Beth; and I worried that Liz or Lizzie would lead to no one ever remembering how to spell her name ~ hence Lisbeth

Liam Charles Pierre: Charlie is a junior whose first name actually starts with an L and while he didn't want a III, we did want to honor his dad who died early in our marriage by using a name with the initial and Liam was our favorite boy's name.  Charles was also the first name of both of Liam's paternal great-grandfathers.  Pierre is for my maternal grandfather.

Caitlin Therese Margaret: Charlie got to take the lead picking this 'girl name' as I got my fave first time out, and Caitlin is a long time favorite.  Therese is in honor of Saint Therese de Lisieux but also one my mom's middle names and my mother-in-law's confirmation name.  Margaret is another family name.

For more great name stories head over to Team Whitaker.

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  1. Love these names! We considered Liam for our William. Such a good strong name. Thank you for sharing your stories.