Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Takes #152

Have been joining the fun this week with the 7 posts in 7 day challenge, reading as well as writing and these are some of the posts I've been enjoying.

  1. This great one on Monday by Kate of The Rhodes Log that convinced me to kick the funk and join the challenge.
  2. On Tuesday I got to join a virtual birthday celebration of Colleen of Martin Family Moments and learned a whole bunch about one of my favorite bloggers.
  3. Wednesday brought another great give-away from Grace of Camp Patton. Bonus while looking around White Plum I scored a great sweater on clearance.
  4. The challenge provided the motivation I needed to again join one of my favorite link-up ~ Theme Thursday hosted by Cari of Clan Donaldson.
  5. Of course the Friday spots has to go to our link-up hostess Jen of Conversion Diary and this Day in the Life post proves that she is a multi-tasking juggler extraordinary.
  6. Another great blessing of this challenge is reconnecting with a IRL friend from graduate school who also joined the challenge. And now I'm catching up on her kids and get to be so jealous - I mean so happy that she is headed to the Edel Gathering this summer.
  7. So now 5 posts in ~ with no idea what I'll post this weekend I want thank all my fellow bloggers who joined the challenge and provided such wonderful reading this week.
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