Monday, February 17, 2014

Playing Catch-Up


Happy President's Day! Lisbeth was suppose to have the day off but instead is making up a snow day which I suppose make sense winter day for winter day.  Hopefully the weather begins to improve as every snow day going forward will need to be made-up.  We are working on various activities to celebrate 100 days of Kindergarten; which is a bit of a moving target. The 2 teachers have asked for everything to be turned in this Friday in the hope that the 100 day mark will be hit and celebrated next week!!

I need to get a picture of Lisbeth's new smile ~ she lost tooth #3 yesterday ~ her first on top!!

Returning to work has been a bit Shakespearian: "the best of times ~ the worst of times" 'Nough said!

Caitlin is now wanting to stand all the time but still not showing any interest in cruising still preferring crawling as her mode of movement.  Newest words are 'eyes' 'yes' and 'hat'.

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