Thursday, February 27, 2014

Theme Thursday: Fences

Linking up with Cari of Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday

  We have the canonical 'white picket fence' in our front yard, and I love it and have loved it since we first saw the house many moons ago.  Going through my photo backlog for this week's theme I've enjoyed seeing it pop-up in pictures as we mark different occasions.

Halloween '09, Lisbeth ~ 20 months

First day of Pre-K

First Day of Kindergarten
 You use to not really be able to see our back fence much but as more and more trees have fallen victim to hurricanes and ice storms; the fence has definitely become a more prominent part of our view ~ as has the church behind us.

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  1. How sweet are those growing up photos?! I love that you have them. Someday you can make a collage for her to keep.

  2. so...I have ALWAYS told my husband before we die I need a white picket fence in front of my house. But that would also mean installing a path. And, there are no other fences in the neighborhood- but who cares, we can be the first ;)

  3. Love that fence, especially in that first picture. What a cutie and the leaves add just the right touch!

  4. I love white picket fences! Lisbeth as the bumblebee is too cute, and I love the first day of school picts. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, tiny little Lisbeth in the halloween costume? Too cute :)

  6. I never would have thought that the word fence could have told such a great story!

  7. I love the fences at different stages. I really like that first photo. So cute!