Friday, September 4, 2015

Quick Takes #190 September's Start

  1. So September is off to a good ~ and so is Lisbeth's school year. She reported good days both days this week and seems excited about the coming year.  I'm glad for the staggered start if you will and the chance to ease by into a routine.
  2. Liam's classroom visit went well and I hope began to ease some of his worries about starting a new school.   His first full day is next Tuesday.
  3. It seems a bit odd to be thinking about shifting towards fall outfits as it has been in the 90's much of the week but this and this post have me thinking and planning ahead.
  4. And now an update on the Toddler in the House: I'm now convinced that I will spend much of the time that the older two are in school cleaning up after her. Just a phase I know but I'm so ready for the Frustrated Artist ~ Draw on every surface Phase to be over. Good thing she is cute!!
  5. The recent deaths of refugees has me heart-sick and unsure what to do beyond prayer. One of the jobs for this weekend is to explore giving options but if you have a favorite option ~ shout it out! Thanks!
  6. Today I'm starting 33 days to Morning Glory as part of the Stella Maris book club hosted by Micaela and would really appreciate prayers that I am able to complete the retreat with purpose and intent.
  7. Have a wonderful weekend and please head over to Christy's hosting this week.

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  1. Hoping Liam's first full day goes well! And, oh boy, we have been dealing with the drawing-on-every-surface phase here, too. This too shall pass, right? :)