Friday, September 18, 2015

Quick Takes #191

  1. This was the first week all three kids went to school or in Caitie's case play group and while juggling three drop-offs and making sure had everyone has what they need is a challenge ~ 2 kid-free hours may very well be worth it.
  2. The 'me-time' as it were is very valued this week as Dr Daddy is on hospital duty and so I'm largely soloing and while overall it has been a good week I will admit to being a bit envious of a priest friend who recently was on a silent retreat.
  3. One of the fun things of being part of a blogging community is when another blog takes the words right out of your keyboard as it were and post something right out of your head and heart;  like this Martin Family Moments post.
  4. Pope Francis is arriving in about a week and after over-reacting a bit the City of Brotherly Love is finally finding the balance of getting ready and havin some fun: exhibits A and B.
  5. I have not watched The View in years and so boycotting would be a distinction without a difference. That being said over the past 20+ years I have been a nurse I have heard all kinds of crazy stuff but never has anyone insinuate that the stethoscope I was wearing was a doctor's. #nursesunite!
  6. For those following along with the tales of our frustrated artist toddler she had quite the week; the computer, the keyboard, some wall, some floor, and another piece of furniture.  Current consequence she sits in 'time-out' till Mommy is done cleaning whatever requires cleaning. Updates as warranted, tips welcomed!!
  7. The weekend has me soloing and gardening but hopefully some bike riding with kiddos.
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