Monday, September 28, 2015

Things to remember about when the Pope came to town

   By the time most of you read this Pope Francis will be home, and we will be returning to the day-to-day routine of the week -- in my case with a bit more hope and a renewed sense of purpose.  Attending the Festival of Families last Saturday was exhausting and amazing, as so many things are when you share your days with little people.

  Getting out the door, having checked and double-checked that we had what we would need and were using in the right size bag for security was just the first of many challenges to meet and overcome.  However as I watched the kids marvel at the bus and subway ride and the excitement of being in the city, my excitement also returned and set the tone for rest of the afternoon and evening.

  And as life would have it, that's exactly what Pope Francis spoke so movingly about at the end of the Festival. Family life is challenging, and exhausting at times, and so very worth it if we can see the fun that is to be had with each challenge met and tackled. For example, by the time we arrived at the Festival, they had closed the gate to the seats until the Pope's motorcade had passed (an hour or so later). Initially this seemed to be quite the set-back, but in fact allowed us more time with friends, and meant we got to watch and take pictures of the Pope going by in his pope-mobile.  Later, we were allowed in to find our seats, where we enjoyed the rest of the concert.

Taken by Lisbeth sitting on my shoulders.

  So this Monday finds me back in the car-line and catching up with the laundry, but as this post suggests, remembering to smile a bit more, treasuring my kids (especially when they walk miles without complaint and thank me for a soft pretzel as if it was the tastiest thing EVER!!), and recommitted to the ideal that Pope Francis suggested in his wonderful closing statement: at the end of the day, even with all its miscues and missteps, make peace with those you love and who love you back.

And so happy that the Pope came to town and shared his warmth and wisdom with us!

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  1. "At the end of the day, even with all its miscues and missteps, make peace with those you love and who love you back." Thank you for pulling out this quote for me to think about this week! I loved the pictures!