Friday, September 25, 2015

Quick Takes #192: Popes and links

 Sharing some of the wonderful posts I've enjoyed during this Papal Visit and WMOF week.

  1. Firstly Julia Walsh of These Walls as graciously lent her site as a launching site for posts from the many bloggers of the CWBN of the Mid-Atlantic. Go and enjoy A Walk in Words With Pope Francis.
  2. Kelly writing about the World Meeting of Families
  3. Rachel writing about celebrating from home
  4. Abigail sharing her experience of the Papal Parade with her family.
  5. Mary about the Communion of Saints and grieving.
  6. I've enjoyed watching the coverage thus far and sharing with my kids. Upon watching the Pope's arrival at Andrews Base; Liam asked when he was coming to our house. I explained that he was coming to our city and we were hoping to see him at a celebration there.  He allowed that going to a festival might be as fun as a playdate here.
  7. Any great links that I missed??
Please head over to Kelly's for more 7QT's

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  1. I love that Liam wants to have the Pope come to his house! Even more fun is that you know that this Pope would love to oblige, if he could.