Monday, June 22, 2009

Body after baby: Plateau Tips

  • This week finds me again holding at the same weight, while I am grateful that the current weight loss appears real and to be holding but there is 2-3 more pounds to my initial goal so I have been gathering tips from friends and other weight loss buddies:

  • Change some little thing somewhere, different breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.  If you have been doing the same activity try changing it a bit.  Not necessarily more just different.
  • If that does not wake up your metabolism then adding more intensity might be needed.  Jog occasionally during your walk.  Increase the incline on  a treadmill.  Add more weight during strength training.
  • Re-measure portions just to check for portion creep.
So this week I will reassess my portions and focus on hills during our walks.

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  1. Joy, thanks for your insight over at my blog Re: a national healthcare plan. I added a few more points. I always enjoy engaging in intelligent dialogue and I so appreciate you charitably addressing some of your concerns! God bless you!

    On a completely different note, I wanted to see if I might be able to send you a few questions for a Faith & Family LIVE! article on making peace with your postpartum body. I've enjoyed your body after baby posts and I think you could offer some great insight/support to our readers. Let me know what you think. You can email me at kmwicker [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Thanks for visiting my little corner of cyberspace. I always appreciate your warm comments.