Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick Takes vol #17

  1. Elisabeth and I enjoy a wonderful lunch yesterday with a friend and her two month old daughter.  Her daughter is another March baby so as we eat our delicious sandwiches we together marveled at what a difference a year makes.  Reassurance for one mother that the colicky newborn stage does pass and another opportunity for the other (me) to take a moment and recall the many awesome accomplishments of the past year.
  2. To celebrating her fifteenth month (and demonstrating an interest in scribbling) we gave Elisabeth the Crayola beginner markers and coloring book.  She had a blast, I eventually got the stray marks out of the carpet.  We put them away for awhile.
  3. Great week for lunches,  a good friend from St Louis visited and we again enjoyed the fact that despite not seeing each other for a year conversation flowed and warmth was felt.
  4. I give thanks for the wonderful friendships who made during college and graduate school years, have remained and endured into the marriage and parenting years.
  5. Had been on the fence about teaching again this fall but hearing the positive impact I had from former students after their graduation ceremony and watching E. play with other kids at the playground has me feeling much more comfortable about the idea.
  6. June has brought many thunderstorms so far and our first opportunity to cuddle a sleepy baby who did not quite understand it all but decided that the lights and sounds were better enjoyed from mommy and daddy's bed.
  7. Going to a local strawberry festival tomorrow with friends.  Hoping for no rain and a daughter not intent in eating every berry she can reach.
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  1. Adorable post! Have fun at the Strawberry Festival!