Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Takes vol #19

  1. I won a book giveaway!! I want to thank Anne of for hosting and also Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, the official sponsor of the Catholic summer reading program.  It is really exciting that I will not only be receiving a free book but one of ten chosen by their editors and then voted by many others.  Voting ends tomorrow, go check it out!
  2. This week rather then complain about that fact that it has been raining for weeks on end I chose to focus on being grateful that I have a warm dry home to live in.  My roof is not leaking and nor are my windows. 
  3. The first water babies class was not a great success, she cried through much of it.  She was not terrified and screaming to get out but would only not cry if we did not move around in the water too much and she could rest her head on my shoulder.
  4. I am planning to give it another try next week.  I would like her to be comfortable playing with us in a pool, however it is not a must so whether we keep going after next week is an open question I guess.
  5. As Father's Day comes around, I am enjoying the wonderful father-daughter relationship I'm seeing develop between E. and her daddy, missing my dad and giving thanks as always for our Heavenly Father
  6. My godfather, one of my father's best friends has always been a wonderful gift of love and encouragement to me.  My father was not Catholic and so my godfather was one of my role models for living as an adult catholic in the world.  Now that I too am a godparent, I pray I do as good a job of modeling Catholic love and Christian charity as he did for me.
  7. Hoping the sun shines a little on our weekend plans!

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  1. I'm so sorry about the rain - I know it's hard. I hope you get some sunshine soon! And that E decides to like the water babies class...