Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick Takes vol #20

  1. Have begun to get language explosion around here with new words almost every few days so I thought I would work on manners too.  Whenever she would pull on my legs and say 'Up' I would answer 'Up please' and it seems to be working.  The 'please' is not very clear but there is definitely now a word of some sort coming after 'UP'
  2. The weather finally gave us a break this week and a couple days of sun.  Ventured out to the playground and check out a local arboretum which was holding a tree-house exhibit.
  3. Don't think Elisabeth fully appreciated the work that went into constructing the tree-houses we saw however the stairs got raves.  We are very much into stairs right now!
  4. Last date night included a wonderful beef fried rice and watching Mama Mia which I heartily recommend.  Sometimes there is nothing better than a joyous and fun-filled musical.  I'm still humming the tunes almost a week later.
  5. When choosing a spouse there are the big things you look for; compatibility, intelligence, a sense of humor, and feeling mutual respect and attraction.  Then there are the happy surprises!!  Marrying someone who likes to cook definitely has its benefits :-)
  6. Received word this week of two lovely baby girls born to friends of mine, this combined with celebrating this weekend the high school graduation of a cousin (by marriage) I have had the great privilege of knowing since she was two years old has me thinking about the passage of time.  'The Circle Game' is one of my favorite songs and as I get older its bittersweet message rings truer and truer.
  7. This weekend traveling to New Jersey to honor and celebrate with the graduate!
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  1. You are doing a lot of traveling these days! Have a safe and pleasant trip.

  2. Don't you just love how Elisabeth is talking more? That was one of my favorite things about toddlerhood! I tagged you in a photo meme.