Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Takes vol #18

  1. April showers continued into May and now June: the flower beds are green and blooming from what I can see running to the car.
  2. Still working my way through 'Orthodoxy', it is one of the those books that has been recommended to me several times so I push on but so far it has not grabbed me
  3. Attended the 8th grade graduation ceremony for my 'little sister' and her twin.  We were matched at the beginning of her 6th grade year.  Having watched her grow and mature through the tween years I am excited for what the high school years will bring. 
  4. Have finished the first book I am to review for the Catholic Book Company: now I just have to write the review and believe I have something to say that someone would be interested in.
  5. Elisabeth has added 'up' to her vocabulary and uses it to express her want to be picked up and carried, or released from high chair, stroller or crib.
  6. Precious moment: Recently she spontaneously laid down by our patio doors and when I got down next to her, she started pointing out the moving clouds to me and babbling away (about the sky I guess, my understanding of infant babble is pretty poor).
  7. Weekend plans: Shopping and chores around the house, giving thanks for being together.

1 comment:

  1. which book are you reviewing?
    #6 so precious indeed! I love looking at clouds!! how cute your daughter already noticed it. :)