Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Takes vol #22

  1. Our weekend traveling adventure went really well with my little traveling companion remaining quite cheerful despite traffic jams and more hours in a carseat then she would really prefer.  
  2. Our swim classses paid off well with Elisabeth happily playing with her cousins at a local pool.  Bit of amusement to start however since she had never been in a 'baby' pool before I literally had to touch her feet to the bottom before she would relax her legs down and trust that she could stand and walk in the pool.
  3. Monday brought her first trip to the zoo with two friends of about the same age.  Many of the animals did not warrant a reaction (not sure they could them well) however the bears, gorillas and lions got raves, and the sleeping tiger prompted some 'shhh'ing from the girls.  So cute!
  4. Unfortunately the elephant enviroment is being renovated so you could only see them at a long distance.   Something to check out on a return trip!
  5. Enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night with a friend about to move out of the country.  One of the great plus/minus of living close to a university, the chance to meet and build friendships with people from throughout this country and even some others balanced against the real possibility that they will move on to continue their education.
  6. As a former childbirth educator and currently a clinical instructor of nursing students I am always on the look for good 'patient education'.  Found this site providing free handouts for pregnant woman.  Love it!   Healthy Birth: Mothers Advocates
  7. The great challenge of summer weekends, always so much to do around the house but making time to play must play a role when Daddy gets a weekend off.
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  1. I bet your daughter was so cute when she discovered the bottom of the pool. How sweet they are :)

    All that info in the Healthy Birth link is so wonderful! I think many women today don't even consider that they have any say in how the birth unfolds. It's great to have good resources like this to show them!

  2. I love the thought of the girls saying "shhhh." So adorable!

  3. I can't wait until my little one is big enough to be interested in the zoo!