Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick Takes Vol #40

  1. Our Advent/Christmas party came off with the usual number of little hitches that ultimately noone cares about; the fire eventually blazed, the children eventually ate and a lovely time was had by all. A worthy tradition dating back to my husband's grad school days continued.
  2. Said wonderful husband took toddler duty last night so I could attend a talk given by author James Martin S.J. on "Joy in the Spiritual Life". A wonderful, funny and poignant talk about living your faiths journey in such a way that might appeal to others. It is Good News we wish to share after all.
  3. Many of the funny anecdotes he shared came from the lives of the saints, many of which were also mentioned in his book My Life with the Saints; that I may have mentioned a time or twenty.
  4. Given the topic I heard my name a few dozen times reminding me that this coming Sunday (the 3rd Sunday of Advent) is Gaudete Sunday. When I was little I would try and keep count of how often I heard my name or some variation: joyful, rejoice, joyous, etc
  5. Part of Christmas preparation this year has been introducing E. to the animal reindeer. I'm making progress, she only refers to them as dogs about half the time now.
  6. As my semester ends hoping for (after a big push to get final grades done) a shifting of focus to wrapping gifts, addressing cards and decorating.
  7. Plans for the weekend, quality family time, possibly getting our tree, and maybe meeting a celebrity???
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