Thursday, December 31, 2009

Small Successes:Happy New Year!!

  1. Lovely Christmas spent in VA with my family
  2. Have now successfully made the drive north in anticipation of a wonderful new year celebration.
  3. Have started and posted to this blog all year (thank you readers)
Today I give thanks for:
snow falling outside, warm family inside
safe trips with a cheerful toddler
the promise of a brand new year
friends old and new
grace abounding and love expanding
....all this and heaven too!!

Happy New Year!!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL thankful list. I wish you so much good this year and season. I love your great list too. You have blessed us with much, and you have had so many successes! Feel good about them! Happy New Year!! Much love!

  2. Starting a blog is a definete succcess, one I am trying for myself. And a cheerful toddler is always something to be thankful for, particularly on trips.