Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick Takes Vol #41

  1. I find one of the joys of marriage is leaving room to celebrate the child in your spouse. We are traveling over the holidays so we have been debating tree vs. no tree, live vs. not. Realizing that we did want a tree and truly we both preferred a live, decided to get a small one that could easily taken down. Yeah right, we have 7 1/2 foot ceilings in our family room and had to trim the tree down.
  2. Classes finished and grades turned in I can now focus on the fun, frenzy of the season. Still shopping to do and a lot of wrapping to go. Break out a tasty drink and "Its a Wonderful Life". What favorite old movie helps you tackle a time consuming task?
  3. Having trimmed our tree, we have also added a new phrase to E. repetoire "Too High" which is her opinion of where we have placed most of the ornaments.
  4. Attended the Advent/Christmas program of a younger friend last night which was wonderful. The perfect balance of reflective and celebratory. Well performed but with the fun quirkiness of many little children trying to sing and dance together.
  5. E. received a box of crayons from St Nicholas and is starting to show a decent attention span for coloring when she is not demonstrating that they make excellent drum sticks, stirring sticks.
  6. Having sent out my cards I can now eagerly watch for the mailman (ours is) and wonder what wonderful greetings will be delivered.
  7. Plans for the weekend, finishing some homemade gifts and wrapping, wrapping, (and maybe some fun in the snow...if it actually snows as predicted).

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm surprised the crayons have lasted this long! My children would have eaten them long ago, but maybe my children are just orally fixated.

  2. Way to go on getting Christmas cards sent out! I have to admit that I don't ever get that done, but I love reading the ones that people send to me. Sounds like you should have a fun weekend!