Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sharing the Wealth: Great Blog Find

I have for several months now been a loyal reader of This Heavenly Life a wonderful blog written and hosted by Sarah. She writes funny, thought provoking posts about life, parenting and faith, coupled with wonderful poetry and beautiful pictures. Today is a perfect example as she shares of her desire to pray for her children's future spouses and their parents. Plus her youngest is the same age as Elisabeth and it is great fun to compare notes and offer support as toddlerhood appears over the horizon.
And as if those were not enough incentive to visit and enjoy she is hosting a give-a-way in honor of her 1 year blog-iversary, so go learn, laugh and maybe win something.

Congrats Sarah on completing your first year, may the blogesphere be blessed with your writing, pictures and poetry for years to come.

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  1. Joy, that was so sweet of you! I was surprised that I've stuck with blogging for as long as I have. And you know what? I think the main reason it's been so fulfilling for me has been because of 'meeting' and getting to know other moms like me all over the world. It's just amazing. Thank you for your kind words and friendship!