Thursday, April 8, 2010

Small Successes: April 8th

  1. Arranged childcare so was able to attend and acolyte (not sure if it serves as a verb) Easter Vigil.
  2. Hosted twenty or so choir/church friends for Easter dinner.
  3. Announced the anticipated coming of our second little one.
Giving thanks for:
warm days and soft breezes
tulips in the garden
snuggly toddler
good check-ups signifying health little ones
visiting family

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  1. Wait... anticipated coming of a second little one? CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so exciting!!

  2. Wow! Having that many friends over while still in the nauseous stage of pregnancy? Great work. :)

  3. This friend thanks you for the loan of house and ham/kielbasa/colcannon.