Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Things about Me and My Better Half

Betty Beguiles is asking us all to participate in this fun post, so here goes

1. We met at the Newman Center of the university we were both at; me for undergrad and him for grad school

2. We were friends for about a year before we started dating

3. We dated for eight years before getting engaged

4. He proposed on a day trip to visit the Alamo (we were living in Houston at the time)

5.Two weeks before the wedding a big part of the church ceiling came down, closing the church temporarily

6. So we married in the chapel where we had met ten years before

7. We love the ocean and so went to Prince Edward's Island for our honeymoon despite many people thinking we were crazy ( We got married at the end of December)

8. Four years later we won a trip to Hawaii, that was nice too!

9. We both LOVE ice cream and could eat it every day

10. 18 years together, 8 years married, 2 kids later: his arms = my happy place


  1. Your list is so sweet! That's awesome you won a trip to Hawaii! Ryan and I both love ice cream too! We usually have a bowl every night! We almost gave it up for Lent! #10 is so sweet!

  2. jealous of the trip to PEI. We thought about going there for our honeymoon but put is off because we were married in January. Still have not gone but it is on our list.

  3. We ended up going to Disney which was a lot of fun!

  4. Sweet! Thanks for sharing :) I played along as well. Pop on over for a visit:

  5. This is the most lovely list! I especially love #10.

    And what was PEI like in the winter? I can only imagine rather desolate, but then again maybe it was cozy and romantic and wonderful.

  6. 7-I agree. You're crazy :)

    Did you pretend you were Anne and Gilbert?