Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Half-birthday Liam!

Despite having experienced the first year once before I am again surprised at fast it goes by. Yet here we are 6months later and now on the downhill towards that first birthday. Surprising me too again is how one notices the first traces of, for example, the newborn stage ending with better head control and less startling ~ but not the last. You just wake-up one morning to the realize the baby you are feeding and changing is well established in his babyhood with nary a hint of the newborn he once was.

So here's to you at this milestone:
While still largely an observer you are becoming much more interactive with your world; reaching for toys and playing with them on the Bumbo tray or in your swing, smiling or even laughing at the people and activities around you (especially your big sister).

The car seat is still not your favorite place to be, but you handled the recent trip south wonderfully and won my undying gratitude.

While not much for rolling, if propped well can sit independently for 5-6 secs at a time. You have to your great amusement discovered you have hands and feet, though not quite sure what they are good for.

And stay tune great things await in the next few weeks:
that cradle you are currently growing out of will be replaced with a crib in your own room
having now met avocado, many more foods will be offered for your consideration

Happy Half-Birthday Little One ~ the best is yet to be!
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  1. What a fun way to mark this time :)

    Glad to hear my baby's not the only one who doesn't love her car seat. And glad to hear the avocado went well!

  2. Awe, such a big smile for his 6 month picture. It seems like he was just born yesterday, it goes so fast.

  3. Happy 6 Months! He is adorable :).

  4. Happy half birthday Liam! May your walk be straight and your voice be powerful as you walk with our Lord.