Thursday, March 24, 2011

Small successes:March 24th ~ new room

  1. Room prepped and painted
  2. Bed assembled and bedding (take 2) bought and washed
  3. Lisbeth sleeping in new room since the weekend!
Giving Thanks this Thursday:
for my cheerful painting helper
for time to celebrate the little moments and milestones
snuggling in bed with my nursing buddy
daffodils in the garden
a loving husband
hope renewed each morning
a Father's forgiveness

Please visit Faith and Family Live to celebrate the small successes in all our lives.


  1. The color you picked for her bedroom looks so sweet! Elisabeth looks adorable holding that paintbrush.

  2. Loved this list - GREAT successes! We actually painted our son's room this week (saving that for another post) and our daughter helped like yours did. The room went from your color there, to a blue for our boy. How neat is that??!!

    Much love!!