Sunday, March 27, 2011

Milkshakes and Memories: repost

originally posted March 28, 2010

In the plans for today is getting a milkshake (ideally a frappe, but those are hard to come by outside of New England), preferably coffee. You see my dad passed away March 27, 2004 and when the first anniversary came I was not sure what to do, I did not exactly want to celebrate, but marking the date was definitely in order.

So I got a coffee shake because my dad loved them, and he taught me to also. It felt right and so now every year on his birthday in September and on this day in March I get a milkshake, remember, and raise my glass to my dad.
My dad who loved to read, the ocean, and mountain climbing especially the White's in New Hampshire. Who preferred classical music but also introduced me to The Weavers, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Beyond the Fringe.
So probably I can convince Elisabeth to join me in a milkshake and someday when she is older I will tell her why we are having one on this day and who her grandfather was.


  1. Good morning Joy, -- Nancy sent this to me--and it made me smile! She just sent 6 bottles of coffee syrup to me here in Arizona, because it is an unheard of item here in the west! Way back, a really long time ago, in Providence, and any where nearby, one bought a coffee cabinet! Then it became a frappe or a milk shake. I would guess your Dad had a cabinet or two in Providence. I know that Bill and I did!!! Thank you for me reminding me of your Dad, a good friend, and a bit of New England. Love, Aunt Barbara

  2. This is so appropriately lovely, even though certainly sad. I hope that Elisabeth is able to understand just a little bit more this year and that someday she and Liam will both connect with their grandfather this way.