Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick Takes Vol. #76

  1. St Patrick's Day: Spent wearing green and splitting a Shamrock Shake with a certain toddler who by next year may be ready to learn about St Patrick, shamrocks and the Trinity.
  2. The leaking ceiling saga continues with new leaks showing up this week after a night of rain. Hopefully the upcoming stretch of nice weather will allow the contractors to find and patch the leaks
  3. Praying for the people of Japan!
  4. Having finished painting ~ project new room now moves into Daddy's domain with furniture assembly this weekend.
  5. Celebrating St. Joseph's Day tomorrow by giving thanks for all the wonderful fathers and craftsmen in my life.
  6. And eating corned beef & cabbage, as that menu option did not work earlier in the week and has been requested by the Irish man I live with.
  7. If you are still reading ~ sorry for the random minutia ~ fussy baby, short night = a truly random Quick 7
Have a good weekend ~ and please visit Conversion Diary for rest of this weeks Quick Takes


  1. Not a lick of Irish blood here, but we enjoyed corned beef and cabbage as well! :)

  2. Thanks for #5. I don't really have trade "craftsmen" in my life, but my dad is a farmer and so insanely handy. And my hubby, though not really handy, just built me a new kitchen table! So I think I'll celebrate that! :)