Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silver amidst the clouds

So in one of those 'in the trenches' day which included vomit and many diapers and no potty success the promise to post 7 in 7 has me stopping at the end of the day to try and remember some silvery shimmers amidst the storm clouds

  • Lisbeth's camp had a field trip to a bouncy place and she had a blast.
  • During a feeding Liam came over a put a cowboy hat on my head, and Caitlin came off to flash the biggest smile
  • Link-ups like Theme Thursday & 7 posts in 7 days gave me much to read & enjoy when I could get online.
  • The day included a yummy iced coffee and a cold Dr Pepper now
  • A very cool start to the day allowed for wearing favorite jeans for awhile
  • An evening dinner brought home by Dr Daddy to be shared after tucking in the littles.

Hoping she is back to her happy self tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. I love how you reflected on the "silvery shimmers" of your day, Joy. Esp. of a day in the trenches! That's something I need to do!