Monday, July 8, 2013

Caitlin at 6 months

While I come to terms with the idea that our first year with her is half over, here are a few of the new and fun things she is up to:

  • Sleeping: Still sleeping in the cradle though those days are likely numbered as she is rolling more.  Not sure yet if we will bring the pack&play into our room for a bit or transition her to the crib and introduce her to her new roommate (we still deciding who that should be).  Still usually up around 4 for a feeding; she has now a couple of times slept till 5:30a.
  • Eating: Essentially still exclusively nursing she continues to enjoy bites or spoonfuls of whatever we offer, though after a couple bites deciding that the spoon is more fun to chew on generally.
  • Sitting up independently very well now having discovered that holding onto your feet is a wonderful way of keeping yourself balanced. While I still don't leave her unattended I am amazed how long she now sits before tilting over.  Will happily hang out on her stomach for awhile and rolls to get herself front to back or vice versa is not yet traveling at all.
  • Despite acting for all intense purposes as if she is teething for the last month, chewing on everything within reach and going to town on any ice offered, still only has the 2 teeth she got just after turning four months.  Curious to see when the next one arrives.
  • Loves watching the world go by especially her older siblings; and it continues to hold true that no one can get her laughing like Lisbeth, though she is now willing to favor the rest of us with the occasional chuckle.
  • And car rides have gotten much better as she will look out the window and/or sleep with minimal complaining now during the day ~ Night however is a very different story.
  • Cradle cap now largely gone she continues to be fair with hair that looks to be strawberry blonde and blue eyes. 

Happy Half Birthday Lady Cate!!


  1. Adorable!! WOW- 6 months...flew..right?!

  2. What a big girl! Crazy how fast 6 months has gone!

  3. It is amazing how fast it goes by and how much they learn so quickly isn't it?!? Go Caitlin!

  4. I love when they can sit up and play - so darling!

  5. That little romper is so darling! Happy half-birthday to Caitlin :)