Saturday, July 27, 2013

Elisabeth ~ at the moment

Happy for a chance to in a sense hit the pause button and remember Lisbeth at this moment; in so many ways she seems on the verge of growing up.  We have recently bought her an alarm clock and will in the next couple of weeks go to the uniform store to get her uniforms for kindergarten.

She now swims with arm floats, is becoming faster and faster on her scooter and will soon need a bigger bike.

But it is more than milestone stuff, her attitude is maturing; less of the picky eater, lose of screen time or some other privilege is greater deterrent than time-outs, she this summer had her first 'crush' and will run off to play with the quickest of good-byes to me.

Currently wants to be a Mommy, nurse of animals and people and a potter when she grows up.
Loves pink and purple, Hello Kitty, watching Max & Ruby and Lalaloopsy.

A great big sister, most of the time.
Mailing a letter to her pen pal

Fun & feisty, still my strong-willed child but better at caring, sharing and controlling those emotions each day!

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  1. We are getting an alarm clock soon too! I have mixed feelings about it, but I think Autumn will think it is cool. We shall see. Lisbeth is such a gorgeous girl.