Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Richmond

Back from a whirlwind trip to Richmond where much fun was had by all the Baileys; however since the kids decided to sleep in shifts last night leaving me bleary please pardon the bullet point perspective.

  • Headed out solo with the littles on Thursday to allow for some extra cousin time. as Dr Daddy had a work trip he joined us by train on Saturday.  There was a bit too much traffic in Northern VA for all our taste and we will need to work on Caitlin's happy-in-the-carseat setting before the New England trip.  Despite a few setbacks we happily arrived at Bonne-Mamy and enjoyed some cousin time, dinner and then some sleep.
  • With everyone mostly sleeping the night!!!! we were readying to greet the day Friday and get in some playground time before the heat got too much, so after some breakfast we all headed out to a local park with playgrounds, hiking trails and a lake with ducks, geese and turtles.
  • The playground was a lot of fun and even Caitlin got in on some swinging, however even in the shade it soon became too hot sticky so we headed back to Bonne-Mamy's for an early lunch and some rest time.  Bubble time and a chance to visit with both Aunt Kim and Aunt Carey rounded out the day.
  • Saturday meant pool time with the cousins for Elisabeth; Liam enjoyed the little pool a bit before coming with Mommy to the train station to pick up Daddy.  We all rounded out the day at a wonderful dinner hosted by my middle sister and her husband.
  • Finally it was Sunday and after a lovely breakfast with Bonne-Mamy and Mass for Caitlin and me we headed out to get Daddy back in time for his church & music commitments.
It was a wonderful weekend; I loved watching my big 2 get to play with their cousins, introducing Caitlin to parts of her VA family ~ and those cherished moments when I get to sit and talk with my mom and sisters.

Now the photo dump:

Oldest cousin/grandchild holding the youngest


  1. I have lots of family in Richmond, VA! My grandparents settled down there a bit after my dad had "grown up" really, but his siblings all put down roots there. I have aunts, uncles cousins. I really love it there. I wish sometimes we had moved out there with our family...but it wasn't meant to be I guess. Looks so fun! and yay for cousin time!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend trip! Love the picts. of Caitlin in the swing. :)