Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What We Are Reading Wednesday #2

Linking up with Jessica of Housewifespice to share What We are Reading

                                                  The Secret of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Williq; I'm

about a third of the way through this story of a graduate student who goes to London to investigate the spies of the Napoleonic Wars; and so far I like ~ well written, decently paced, interesting characters.  I'm told this is the first of eight so I may well have found a new author to explore.

Ladies of Liberty by Cokie Roberts is a continuation of her exploration of the lives and contributions of the wives, daughters and friends of the Founding Fathers of this nation begun in Founding Mothers.  This one covering the time from John and Abigail Adams time in the White House to their son John Quincy Adams and his wife, Louisa (1797- 1825). Only really getting started with this one but have read & enjoyed Founding Mothers.

Family plug
HIM is a sweet friends become lovers, coming of age, misunderstandings of first love story which is currently on sale on Amazon and B&, and written by my youngest sister Carey Heywood.

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  1. At $.99 on Kindle, I just bought HIM. Would you say it's okay for 14 and 15 yo girls?

    1. I would pre-read, the characters do consummate their relationship and though I didn't find those scenes to be explicit don't know your comfort level.

  2. My weakness is absolutely series so I will have to check out the Williq books. Thanks!