Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Best and a Challenge Completed

     Church was just us girls today and overall went well; Caitlin did request a feeding and Lisbeth a bathroom run but one can't always plan around this bodily calls.  Having recently mastered the 'Our Father' Lisbeth enjoyed the Gospel and for the first time in ever listened to part of the homily.
They both earned an A-.

Inspired by Ana, I recently bought (and wore today) a polka-dot shirt.  I like that they are of different sizes giving a sort of bubble effect. The rest of the outfit consisted of black slacks and shoes.

Clearly need to work on my selfies technique

     This post also marks to completion of the 7 posts in 7 days challenge.  It has been both easier and tougher than I guessed.  I could usually easily think of something to write each day but while I know in my head that most of what I write is interesting only to me and maybe some family members, my heart loves comments and so posting multiple times in a short period was a bit tougher on the emotions than I had anticipated.  Still I'm glad I took and met the Challenge.


  1. Way to complete the challenge, Joy! And I love your polka-dot top.

  2. Love the dots, you look great!

  3. Agree that I love the design of the shirt!

  4. Love those polka dots! And I feel you on the comments - I love getting them but I've been having trouble keeping up with them as the twins get more and more mobile, so it might be easier for me to post less often!