Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick Takes vol #34

  1. Pre-Cana weekend went well (despite the lack of heat). It was a quiet group so hard to determine what they found useful. I however found it very useful. We have never done a marriage retreat but I've often thought that spending a weekend discussing with engage couples the Sacrament of Marriage and how to be sure to include spirituality in your marriage isn''t a good tune-up for my own marriage.
  2. A trip to the pumpkin patch resulted in a nice large pumpkin adorning our front step and smaller pumpkin for a certain toddler to walk around the house saying 'pumpkin' and 'mine'
  3. Speaking of my favorite toddler, her farwells now include "See you later!"
  4. We are headed to Richmond this weekend to celebrate some family birthdays and I'm excited for my family (who have not seen her since July) to see and HEAR how she has changed.
  5. My next younger sister is two years younger, but since she married and started her family before I did, we joke that she has definitely finally caught up with her big sister.
  6. As our host Jen reminds us in her Quick Takes, Christmas is just over two months away and while I pull together my list of shopping still to do, it occured to me this may be the last year I'm determining for Elisabeth what she wants for Christmas.
  7. It has been fun on walks with Elisabeth now to, in addition to collecting as many acorns as she can carry, have her identify the colors of the various leaves on the ground. Fall colors are just past peak where we live and as we are traveling south this weekend, hoping for a nice color show.
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  1. Did you take pictures at the pumpkin patch? I love pumpkin pictures!!

  2. Yup, coming soon. And in reference to your question yesterday, while I expect some tasting for quality control will occur, hopefully most of the candy will survive to be distributed on Halloween.