Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Takes vol #33

  1. With the first Nor-easter predicted for this weekend I guess it is time to pull out the sweaters and put away summer clothes, which in E.'s case means packing the clothes away after deciding what is worth keeping versus donating.
  2. This will be post 99 for the blog and based on my numbering these Friday Quick Takes have comprised a third of my post. Very Interesting!!
  3. Sleep is returning to the house as we are now again in a teething lull and all seem to healthy for the moment. She now has 14 teeth so this break should hopefully last awhile. Being cold free...a mom can hope.
  4. Apple picking got off to a rainy start, but the sun eventually did shine on us and apples were picked. Though keeping her from eating the ones off the ground proved to be quite a challenge.
  5. We are now enjoying yummy apple pie, except Elisabeth. Charlie makes great pies but likes his apple pie somewhat tart and it has proven too tart for the toddler. Daddy promised to make the next one with sweeter apples and a bit more sugar.
  6. Our parish hosted a Eucharistic Holy Hour this week which was lovely and well offered, except silly me, I thought it would be about an hour and at actually nearly two, it proved too long for my favorite toddler.
  7. This weekend we again have the honor of presenting at our parish's Pre-Cana. I so enjoy meeting and helping couples as they plan their weddings and prepare for their married life together.
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  1. Sleep is such a wonderful hing after teetihing and sick children, isn't it.
    apple pie weather, sounds wonderful.
    We are on last seasons apples here, not fun.
    Enjoy your weekend with the Pre-Cana

  2. I keep reading on so many blogs about apple picking. I don't think there's much of that here. I'm jealous. That would be fun!

  3. Now I totally need apple pie! :)