Thursday, December 10, 2009

Small Successes:Second week of Advent

  1. Christmas cards bound for overseas are addressed and ready for the mail today
  2. Clinicals done!! I still have to work on final grades but amazingly we finished clinicals this week. Overall the semester went well with (I hope) all the students enjoying a good experience.
  3. Have taught E. to say Merry Christmas, and she only calls reindeers: dogs about half the time now.
Today I am giving thanks for:
the chance to give and receive Christmas greetings
wonderful students who sought to learn with enthusiasm and compassion
all the wonderful families who allowed my students into their birth experience
season's first snowfall
a warm cozy home to seek shelter in
a husband who celebrates and supports me
a lovely little one full of smiles and new words and ideas

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  1. I should tell you that while E and I were walking home from the trolley stop on Tuesday, she stopped and peered into the dusk underneath the trees in somebody's yard. "Mom-my?" she called, in the unmistakeable rising/falling accents of hide-n-seek. "Where are you?"

    I admit to being torn between delight (awww, so CUTE!) and terror (shoot! what happens when Mommy doesn't emerge from the bushes?). Fortunately, she was amenable to dropping that particular game and continuing on home ...

  2. I love that she calls them dogs lol. Great job on the Christmas cards!

  3. LOL! Reindeer do kind of look like dogs :).

    Good job this week :).