Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Outer Banks Week: Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1:
Wednesday: After spending some time in the pool, we headed to the nearby lighthouse: Currituck Light with one of our nephews, everyone climbed well (except Liam who seemed to enjoy the ride in the Bjorn). Home for lunch and naps then a game of mini - golf, Lisbeth's first and some dip dots ice cream, more pool time, and after the kids were tucked in some hot tub time with my sisters!!

Thursday: BEACH: as in spend the morning, jumped some waves, watched the bigger cousins body surf and use their boogie boards ~ we even briefly got Lisbeth in on the wave action and Liam continued to enjoy water, reading out on the deck with the kids napped and pool
time to round out the day.
Friday: Pool time in the morning, a walk by myself during the kids naptime, and many attempts to get all the cousins looking & smiling for a picture; first at the house and then on the beach. Followed by the building of a few more sand castles, the jumping of a few more waves and then back to the house to enjoy a final seafood dinner wonderfully prepared by one of my brother-in-laws and his dad.

Saturday: Packing, loading, hugs & good-byes, last chance shopping, Dunkin breakfast and headed out. Till next time..

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