Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small Successes ~ August 11th

1. I have for some time wanted to more organized and routine about praying, admired and been impressed by those who on a regular basis pray the Divine Office. I have asked for tips from my husband and others on how to start, read posts about it, and priced books and apps...
And then decided that is the deep end and I need to ease in ~ and so thanks to the Divine Office Prayer app ~ am this week praying a morning and evening prayer.

2. Having gotten tips from Parenting with Grace (thoughts and reflections about someday) have been consistently saying grace with Lisbeth before meals and bedtime for about a month now.

3. Over half-way through the devotional I'm to review

Thankful This Thursday for:
healthy kids
cool breezes, and a/c when its too hot
the chance to pick peaches with friends
peach cobbler
a cook-out with friends
a husband to A-frame with
a Lord who loves and guides me

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