Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Takes #87

1. Bye bye Borders ~ Going to miss you, browsing on a computer is not the same somehow.

2. Vacation recovery continues, but definitely well worth it. Recaps found here and here.

3 18-Year Review Shows Overwhelming Evidence of High-Quality Care of Certified Nurse-Midwives ~ When you are part it you know the value ~ but outside proof is always a nice validation.

4. While on vacation, Liam initially had some relatives baffled as to how he was moving until they came to fully appreciate 'The Butt Scoot'. He has mastered moving himself in a seated position by pushing his feet into the floor and scooting forward.

5. However I think this was driving my physical therapist of a mom a little crazy given how often she would lay him on his stomach: He is now creeping in a more traditional manner

6. Squirrels keep eating all my tomatoes. A friend suggested chicken wire, any other suggestions?

7. Going peach picking this weekend ~ any favorite peach recipes??

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  1. Wish I had a suggestion for #6. A friend suggested crystallized urine (cannot remember where she said you can get it). You sprinkle it on the ground near the plants and it keeps the critters away. Not sure if I am willing to try it yet.

  2. First Books-a-Million ... and now Borders. We are a book-loving family and losing two bookstores in the space of one year has been hard. Our Sunday afternoons were all about browsing in a bookstore. Sigh.

  3. I'm using a CNM (well a practice of them at a birth center) for my first child later this year and it's always reassuring to hear good things about them. Not that I doubt their care - it's been incredible so far! I look forward to checking out that link. Thank you.