Friday, August 12, 2011

QUICK Quick Takes #88

1. Tomorrow my baby is 11 months, too close to a year. Deny or weep?

2. No denying he is mobile. The new twist of childproofing this time around ~ all of his big sister's little toys.

3. Peach cobbler ~ Yum! So glad I had the forethought to marry someone who likes to bake.

4. This week's Stock Market roller coaster like behavior makes me grateful I am largely on the sidelines. My sympathies to those of you who are not.

5. Speaking of sidelines ~ here comes football. Not watching yet, but does soften the blow of summer ending.

6.BUT it is still summer and my little baby is NOT almost a year old! See #1

7. Have a wonderful weekend!

Please visit Conversion Diary hosted by the lovely Jen for the rest of this week's Quick Takes.


  1. I'm in the process of planning joe's first birthday party and it makes me sad! Time is flying by way too fast!

  2. Summer's been too short, but I'm happy about football coming!