Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick Take #89 ~ Apps

Kids apps which have now been truly road tested ( N.C. And Maine) and are kid tested/mom approved in our house.

1. Find them all ~ a farm game where one is prompted to find various animals in their happiest habitats. Level 1 is daytime allowing you to see and hear the animal, Level 2 is night where sound becomes your major asset. There is also a puzzle element once you have found all the animals.

2. Another Animal app ~ Photo touch Farm Animals has you identifying the requested animal, starting with three pictured ~ the number increases the more you get correct. Lisbeth started playing already knowing the names of many farm animals and through the game has learned the name for their young such as calf and foal.

3. Following off of that we discovered Photo touch Food Festival ~ which has she learning to identify many different fruits and vegetables; and perhaps being more inclined to try having met them in a new and different way.

4.My play house includes four rooms in which mom, dad and three kids live and play. Many great interactive features: in the living room you can change the CD, in the kitchen you can make and eat breakfast and then in the bathroom brush your teeth.

5. Jigsaw A-Z ~ 16 piece puzzles of words starting with each letter of the alphabet, a doable challenge for her and with 64 options, good exposure to the different sounds letters make.

6. Itsy Bitsy Spider is an interactive rendition of the song with many creatures taking part and great sound effects!

(And one for Mom)
7. Prayers app: A wonderful resource with prayers for throughout the day and the liturgical year. I appreciate that so many different saints writings are featured. Offered by the same company that has a Divine Office app.

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  1. Do not have a phone that has apps! Sounds like fun though!