Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Still reading the same books from last week so I thought I'd share some favorite's at bedtime.

9 O'Clock Lullaby: This was a library book and currently unavailable Amazon wise but I will be keeping an eye out for this one.  Beginning in Brooklyn, NY at 9pm with Mama singing a lullaby we than travel to Puerto Rico at 10 pm and across the Atlantic and around the world.  With lovely illustrations the book was a fun way to talk about places around the world and idea of time zones.

Blueberries For Sal: This was a favorite of Lisbeth that we have brought back out thinking Liam would like, he does.  They both enjoy adding the sound effects and the idea that the mommies and kids get all mixed-up.

Please head over to Cari of Clan Donaldson filling in the the vacationing Housewifespice


  1. I know my niece loved Blueberries for Sal. And I'd love to find that lullaby book! I'll have to check our library.

  2. Blueberries for Sal is one of my kids' top 10 favorites ever. They pull it out every summer when we go blueberry picking. But, I have never been able to get past the bizarre let-my-preschooler-wander-around-where-wild-bears-are-grazing aspect of that story! I guess those were the days. :) The lullaby book sounds fun!

  3. WE love Blueberries for Sal here too!!! Completely appropriate book for our little Alaskan growns.