Thursday, October 15, 2009

Small Successes:October 15th

  1. Went apple picking last weekend, and since E. has been requesting apple slices everyday (several times a day). Also made plans to go to the pumpkin patch next week.
  2. Have made a good start on Christmas shopping
  3. Have made the time for Eucharistic Adoration three weeks in a row.
Today I am giving thanks for:
a hard-working generous husband
a growing (increasingly verbal) munchkin
students who work hard and seek to care well for their patients
fresh produce picked together with friends

Enjoy and share some of your own small successes at Faith and Family Live


  1. Congratulations on your successes! Especially on the time with our Lord. How fantastic. It really makes a difference in my mood and outlook if I miss my time with Him. So, it is always a great blessing to go.

    Thank you for sharing your small successes.
    God bless!

  2. Great successes. Have you picked out Christmas wrap yet?