Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16: Vacations

Day 16: Vacations

   Vacations were mostly in the summer growing up though we had a timeshare condo by Loon Mountain, NH in late April that we went to almost every year.  The other 'almost' every year events
were stopping at the Stone House for our first night.  A huge old stone house owned by two URI professors married at the time when they first sponsored my uncle and later my mom to come to the US.  My parents later married at the house and it was a special, magical place during my young childhood.  Daffodils by the hundreds in April, rooms full of older furniture and stories of the ancient and more recent past.

  Our beach time was at Galilee Beach followed by spending the rest of our vacation at a wonderful cabin in the White Mountains.  Hiking up to the Flume or Saberday Falls and swimming in Mirror Lake is how the week was often spend, as well as feeding the bears at Clark's Trading Post and visiting the Old Man of the Mountain.  During my teens I twice had the opportunity to spend a month with my mom's family in Belgium.

  Currently our vacation plans often have us heading to Maine for some beach and family time with my husband's family.  My sisters and their families often head to the Outer Banks of NC and we try and join the fun every 2~3 years.

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