Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 ~ Family Beginnings

Day 4: Describe your family beginnings

   My parents met at a Cumberland Farms (small grocery) that my dad was managing.  It was near the hospital my mom was working at, she was out of milk and with the weather calling for a bad thunderstorm she went quickly there rather than the store closer to where she lived.  I believe both sets of grandparents met at parties though in my paternal grandparent case I think friends were intending to introduce them so perhaps in their case blind date/party.

  I actually wrote out Charlie and my backstory earlier this year, but summary version is we met at the Newman Center (Catholic Student Center) at the University of Pennsylvania where he was in graduate school and I was in nursing school.

Backstory Part 1
Backstory Part II
Backstory Wrap-up

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  1. we used to have a cumberland farms in the town I grew up in!

  2. I totally forgot about Cumberland Farms. We had one where I was from in CT.