Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Days 7&8: Religion and Customs

Day 7 & 8: Religion and Customs

     I was raised Catholic with a heavy dose of Unitarian; my mom was raised Catholic and my dad was baptized Baptist though they didn't attend much during his childhood, during college he discovered Unitarianism which what he practiced throughout his adult life.  When they married the agreement was that we kids would receive the Sacrament of Baptism and be raised Catholic but exposed to Unitarianism.  Largely we practiced according to American Catholic culture, though our observance of Patron Saint days and leaving our shoes out for St Nicholas spoke to my mom's Belgian culture.
    My husband was also raised Catholic though with a Polish-Irish spin.  Currently we are finding our way as to which traditions and observances to incorporate as we seek to raise our kids in the Church.
We will have them put out their shoes for St Nicholas both as a way to introduce the communion of Saints and de-emphasize Santa Claus etc.  We often spend Christmas Eve with my husband's family but even when we aren't we try and have the traditional Polish meal he grew up with including the oplatek.

Other traditions we hope to continue include:
  • Advent Calendar
  • Advent Wreath
  • Kings Cake
  • Crepes on Candlemas (my family)
  • Celebrate personal feast days
  • Easter welcome platter (husband's family)

Some non-relgious customs we are developing include:
  • birthday banners
  • cupcakes on actual birthday
  • Deck Deals 
  • strawberry and/or apple picking
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  1. sound like between yourself and your husband you have brought many great traditions to your kids! thanks for linking up!