Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2 ~ The Roots of the Tree (31 days)

Day 2

     I come from two very different backgrounds; on my mom's side I'm Belgian ~ as in I'm first generation American since my mom was born and raised in Belgium coming to the United States in her twenties to work.  She later met my dad and marrying made her life here.  Her older brother had come to U.S to study but went back to Belgium after earning his degree.  My grandparents (her parents) were both born in Belgium.  My mom grew up in Brussels (the capital) and is French speaking though her father's family was originally from Holland, coming to Belgium I don't know when.

On my dad side I am New England mutt; we didn't come over on the Mayflower or anything notable but have lived in the region for so long when the family came to the U.S has passed from family history; a mix of English, Scottish and German.  My father was born in Rhode Island (me too); and I believe his dad was born in Massachusetts and his mom in Maine but should clarify that with my uncle at some point.

My husband is 3rd/4th generation Irish on his dad's side and 3rd/4th generation Polish/Croatian on his mom's side.  His family of origin incorporated traditions from both cultures some of which we are trying to continue with ours.

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  1. great post today! we are going to talk about cultural traditions later on in the series!