Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11: Legends and lore

Day 11: Legends and lore

  No great legends on either side of my family that I know of, just sweet little tales of my parents or their parents childhood; when my dad was a boy he had a cat called Mouser and so when she had kittens he and his brother called them mice.  And some romantic stories like that of a great-uncle who offered his coat to his fianc√© only to later die of pneumonia ~ and she never married.
  Time will tell which stories our moms and sisters tell our kids about us and which stories about them become the ones repeated a family gatherings for years to come.

And playing catch-up

Day 10: Family Treasures:

   I already have some paintings from my mom's family, a great-grandmothers engagement ring, my dad's navy duffel and some of his books.  My husband along with his mom and sister were given the opportunity to personally go through his dad's lab/office after his death and we now have an old mortar  and pestle of his (he was a professor of pharmacology) as well as some balances.
  I imagine more treasures will come as our parents generation downsizes further and at some point things of ours will be declared treasures by our kids.


  1. there were paintings that my grandmother had that I wanted but I didn't end up with them. the stuff you got from your husband's dad's office sound pretty cool!

  2. It will definitely be interesting to see which stories of ours continue on. It'll also be really interesting to see exactly how blogging is going to affect that. We'll have to see how Lisbeth responds to the blog when she's old enough to read along...