Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 18: Family Foods

Day 18: Family Foods

   The tradition in my house growing up was spaghetti every Saturday night with my dad's homemade sauce and whoever found the bay leaf hidden in their dinner considered the lucky winner.  Other standards I remember loving are Curried Chicken with peaches and Moussaka.  Summer vacation meant a lobster and corn-on-the-cob dinner at least once.  Lenten friday observance meant Peanut butter & chocolate sandwiches.  My dad's standard weekend breakfast was pancakes but would on vacation make Eggs Benedict.
   My kids are young enough that they mostly still eat 'kids food' so time will tell what meals come to resonate with them to mean 'family'.  We tend to go out on Sunday night with other choir members of Charlie.  As I'm blessed to still be headed to New England most summers and so can still hope for a yummy lobster dinner most years.  And Ice Cream; always and forever good ice cream.

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