Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 6: No place like home

Day 6: Homes

    We moved quite a bit when I was young; I came home to a home in MA which I don't remember living at but we visited years later; moved to a house in RI when I was 2 which I remember a bit since we lived there till I was 4 1/2 when we moved south.  My parents rented a house for a year while a house was being built in Maryland.  It is from that house I went to kindergarten, learned to ride a bike, roller skates and hosted sleep-overs.
   When I was 9 1/2 we moved to Northern VA and that is the house I lived in the rest of my time with my parents including when I attended graduate school.  An end-unit townhouse on large circle with a park in the front and a nature preserve in the back.

While my paternal grandfather was still living in a house that my father had spent some of his life in when I was born he died when I was two so I barely remember him and don't have any memories of the house.  My maternal grandparents were still living in the home my mom lived in as a teenager when I was young and that house I do have many memories of.

All three of our children have been brought home to this house that we bought as newlyweds, a 1950's built Cape Cod ~ we are outgrowing it and have started thinking of moving but will carry with us so many memories some of which I hope at least our oldest will share in.

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  1. That is fortunate that you were able to bring them all home to the same house you bought when first married. And will make it all the harder to leave behind!