Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five Favorites: Blogger Picks

This segment brought to you by the blog-o-sphere
aka; blogger recommended ~ me approved

  1. Trader Joe Chocolate covered Almonds recommended by our lovely hostess Hallie ~ Sweet & a little salty; Delicious!!
  2. Mocassin Wedges from Target recommended by Ana of Time Flies ~ Height & comfort; Stylish Perfection!
  3. Twice recommended by Grace of Camp Patton ~ High end clothes at budget friendly price; My closet and wallet thank you!
  4. Brother Francis products recommended by Karen's Adventures on Mommyland ... ~ A cartoon teaching Catholic doctrine and prayers  that I enjoy watching (or listening to in the car) too; Win!
  5. 3 minute retreat by Loyola Press by I honestly cannot remember but has been a wonderful blessing to me ~ because of course the craziest of days are often the ones most helped by a moment of quiet and contemplation.
Sorry no pictures ~ computer acting up
PLease head over the Moxie Wife for more Faves!

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  1. My kids love Brother Francis dvds! And I love Trader Joe's. I love the dark chocolate covered edamame. Going to checkout Twice right now. Thanks!